Brittany Ashcraft

Brittany Ashcraft, LCSW

Clinical Director

Brittany is a licensed clinical social worker bringing a specialization in treatment of complex trauma and PTSD to East End Therapists. Brittany has been trained in EMDR since 2012 and has since completed advanced EMDR training in Somatic Reprocessing. She graduated from the #1 top ranked social work school in the nation, Washington University in Saint Louis, and brings together instinct and education to meet the needs of clients.

Brittany worked for a number of years as a child and adolescent therapist, and has ample experience in parent coaching and family therapy. Brittany has treated severe cases of OCD, PANS, PANDAS, anxiety, and complex trauma in children and adolescents.

Brittany has a particular passion for working with the LGBTQ population, and has many years of experience working with transgender and non-binary children, adolescents, and adults; she can help clients navigate medical and social transition as well as write surgery letters. In 2018 Brittany completed certification through the National Transgender Certification Association. Brittany recognizes the impact of oppression, and welcomes clients without a trauma event who still feel the traumatic impact of an oppressed identity.

Brittany values holistic and integrative therapeutic work, and provides a warm and non- judgemental therapeutic environment where clients are free to heal and explore themselves in their own time.