Melissa Cole

Melissa Cole, LPC, PMH-C

Chief Operations Officer

Melissa is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families in community mental health settings. She completed her BS in Rehabilitation Services at Penn State University in 1993, along with minors in both Women’s Studies and Psychology. Melissa went on to complete her MS in Community Agency Counseling at California University of Pennsylvania in 2000. In additional to providing therapy, Melissa has experience in training and supervision.

My treatment approach is eclectic pulling from a variety of theories and experiences as each individual has specific and unique needs. I draw primarily from cognitive behavioral and family systems perspectives. I believe that our thinking is often what prevents us from achieving our goals and that much of these “obstacle thoughts” originate during our early childhood experiences. We tend to recreate relationship structures with which we are most familiar and comfortable even when they are counterproductive to our wants and desires. The result can be anxiety, depression, insecurity, or a general sense of feeling lost or unfulfilled in life.

About me as an individual...

In addition to my educational and professional experience, I am the mother of four children in a blended family. I understand personally the unique struggles of parents as they work to balance family, work, and personal life. I have experience with challenging pregnancies, pregnancy loss and raising a child with a significant medical issue, Type 1 Diabetes. If these are areas of need or concern, know that you will have an understanding and supportive environment to address the candid aspects of being a parent.

What to expect...

Our time together is yours. In a supportive and non-judgemental enviornment, our first step will be to understand your specific needs and establish clear goals about what you hope to gain through therapy. We will then work together to address your concerns through challenging beliefs, altering thoughts, and changing behaviors. If you are someone who is motivated by action, we can establish homework and weekly challenges. If you are someone motivated by quiet thought and reflection, that will be our path. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.