Keren Gilboa

Keren Gilboa, LCSW

I want to help you reach your full internal potential. I am here to support you if you're struggling with issues surrounding grief, loss, anxiety, depression, family conflict, life transitions, parenting, and/or trauma. I offer counseling using a variety of techniques, skills and experience that is focused on you as an individual and your specific needs. I am invested in helping you get your needs met in therapy and in your life.

My therapeutic style is warm, supportive, non-judgmental and direct. Continued training is important to me as I want to support you in the most efficient and effective way possible. I have a background in many different forms of therapy that are effective and adaptable to target your needs. I have most recently started training in Gestalt and EMDR. Additionally, I have been trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy as well as an in-home version of the modality to help you with parenting challenges.

I graduated from New York University in 2013 with my Masters in Social Work. Since then I have worked in a multitude of settings including outpatient mental health clinics, school-based therapy, home-based therapy, and foster care. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of needs. I am passionate about my career and want to share that passion with you. I firmly believe that clients are in the driver's seat of their experience and I encourage open discussion of what you need in treatment so your needs can be met. I am looking forward to working with you to increase your resilience, internal supports and help you find ways to build successful relationships with yourself and others.