Caysey Lofquist

Caysey Lofquist, LSW

Caysey is a dedicated therapist who received her Masters in Social Work from Nazareth University. Caysey has expertise in supporting individuals dealing with trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, low self-esteem, and body image issues. As a seasoned domestic violence counselor, she possesses extensive knowledge in co-parenting, parallel parenting challenges, divorce, custody, and the family court system. Her role as a child and adolescent mobile crisis counselor has equipped her with the ability to provide trauma-informed crisis intervention, demonstrating quick thinking and empathy for children and their families. Additionally, her experience as a school social worker has given her valuable insights into the challenges faced by adolescents in both school and home settings.

Passionate about the healing power of connection, Caysey takes a unique therapeutic approach, emphasizing the impact of relationships on overall well-being. She specializes in addressing abusive relationships, power imbalances, tactics of abuse, generational trauma, boundaries, and the complexities of being a survivor of abuse. Recognizing the importance of emotional safety, she values trust and individual autonomy in therapeutic relationships, striving to support individuals on their journey toward safety, peace, and empowerment.

Caysey works with children under 12, adolescents, and adults, employing components of schema therapy, narrative therapy, internal family systems therapy, CBT, and DBT. Leveraging her skills as a yoga teacher, she gently guides clients in understanding the mind-body connection for trauma recovery.

Acknowledging the courage it takes to seek therapeutic support, Caysey applauds individuals for making this choice. She understands the vulnerability of exploring aspects of oneself with a stranger and emphasizes the importance of a trustworthy and healthy therapeutic connection. If Caysey's experiences resonate with yours, she invites you to connect for support on your journey.