Maternal Mental Health

Pregnancy Support and Beyond

The process to and through motherhood can be very challenging, and counseling can help to relieve the stress and pain around concerns that occur frequently in this stage of life. Whether you are having a stressful pregnancy, are experiencing postpartum depression, have experienced a pregnancy loss or infant loss, and/or are generally just overwhelmed with life, we are here to support you.

Traumatic Birth

Childbirth often doesn’t go as planned. There may have been medical complications. You may feel that your wishes were ignored, or that you were disrespected. After the birth, you may have feelings of frustration, may often be thinking about what went wrong, have images and negative memories popping into your mind, affecting your current quality of life. You may feel down or ashamed, or this may be preventing you from planning to have another child.

Our EMDR trained therapists can help you to work through these negative memories, neutralizing the effect of the trauma, and allowing you to move forward without the negative thoughts and memories associated with the birth.

Grief due to miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death

When you experience loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death, your world can feel as if it’s collapsing. You become acutely aware of life around you through others’ pregnancies and newborn children. You may feel alone, jealous, angry, and incredibly sad. A routine that used to be so easy can now seem impossible to move through without being hit with a surge of grief. Our therapists can normalize the grieving process, provide a safe space for you to speak freely, and partner with you to develop coping skills to work through your grief. We can also help you to discern how to honor and remember the loved one(s) you lost in a way that feels right to you.

Stress from family changes

Most families experience an increase of stress with changes to family structure. Has your relationship with your partner changed? Is an older child experiencing jealousy? Pregnancy, a new addition, loss, or infertility exacerbates stress and influences family communication. Our therapists are trained to provide support for individuals and couples experiencing stress from family changes. Whether you just need a relationship “checkup” or if there are deep relational scars, we have therapists that specialize in couples therapy that can help to move you and your partner toward a more fulfilling relationship.